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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on October 3,


Last issue I gave you some links to some friends of mine who were giving away valuable stuff. Some of it has to do with making money using the internet (if that is your thing) and others are things that improve your inner game (which everyone could use) and some of these gifts are just plain fun.

So if you want to enjoy more of life, here are some great gifts to help you do just that.

This gift comes from best selling author Geoff Hoff and is a great help to those building an internet business.

In Order to Make Money Online You Need Something to Sell  In Order to Have Something To Sell You Need Content

Difficulty finding content for your products (or blog posts, articles and giveaways) can stop you dead in your tracks.

But there is hope!

In this informative FREE report, discover one of the very easiest ways you can find extremely high-quality content.Geoff Hoff

Use the information in this report to:

  • Increase your visibility on the web
  • Become the “Expert In Your Field”
  • Get more prospects and customers
  • Get them to know, like and trust you

And most importantly…

  • Increase your business bottom line!

Get it NOW at…

How To Find Content



This next best selling author is a very sweet lady and Martha Giffen a wonderful southern belle and knows all about the new social media like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

How To Become An Expert Blogger Now!

Martha GiffenA step-by-step guide on how to make your blog the go-to-resource in your niche, increase interaction with your readers and build a solid community that will be receptive to your products and help you become a profitable, expert blogger. This special report contains tips and strategies for both the new blogger and the intermediate blogger.

Written by Martha Giffen, Social Media Expert and Author of “Be Social Be Rich” an Amazon.com Best Seller!

Get it now at:





My next FREE Gift to you shows you how to travel in style. Lizette Bartell took her love of travel and turned it into showing you how to make the most out of your travel dollar.

Experience the Most Relaxing Way to See the World! Experience Cruising!

Lizette BartellLeave the transportation to someone else, imagine waking up to a new place just outside.

You and your family and friends will enjoy the entertainment and activities.

Keep your children entertained and happy so you can spend time on yourself.

Let someone cater to you for a change. Be spoiled!

This FREE report will show you how to Plan Your Best Cruise so you can get the most out of what you want out of your vacation. Whether you want to relax, party every night, make sure you’re children are happy, or want to vacation on a budget, this report will show you the best places to cruise to, the best cruise line, and the best cabin for you and your family and friends

Get your Free Report at: http://www.planyourbestcruise.com


Ms. Terri Taylor offers you a way to short cut the pressure of negative beliefs and change them to positive useful beliefs.

Get on the Easy, Fast Track to achieve all of your goals.

Eliminate all of the hurdles stopping you from winning your race. For FREE!

Thousands (maybe millions) of people have used this Acupressure technique to:

  • Lose Weight – The fat just melts away once you eliminate the underlying REASONS why you are overweight. Most weight loss programs don’t even approach this subject. This addresses your subconscious programing. You could be shopping for smaller sizes in a matter of weeks!
  • Increase Self Confidence – Self Confidence is the springboard that launches you to success. Higher Self Confidence can help you get a better job, start your own business, attract a high quality partner and much more!
  • Quit Smoking (or other addictions) – I personally used this technique to quit smoking almost 6 years ago and I’ve helped others to do it too WITHOUT all the stress normally associated with quitting. When you quit you can become healthy again and you can have so much more energy to live life to the fullest!

Terrie TaylorThe list of possible uses is almost endless!

This technique is spreading across the globe. It is known as Emotional Freedom Technique, Acupoint Tapping and Meridian Tapping. To use it you tap on acupressure points on the body. Anybody can do it for themselves.
It’s easy!

Discover this simple, effective technique for yourself. It could change your life!
Claim your FREE Special Report that shows you how to do it.



And I saved the best gift for last. Pat O’Bryan and Joe Vitale’s

Finally! You Can Attract Everything You Want—For Free!

Clearing AudioDownload your Free Clearing Audio and start creating the life of your dreams!

You’re just seconds away from relaxing and clearing with your new Free Clearing Audio.

Just visit www.freeclearingaudio.com to instantly download the best-selling Clearing Audio. There’s absolutely no cost and you have no further obligation.



And also at no charge if you want to keep up with all the latest daily news about Holistic Health the weird twist and turns between traditional medicine and alternative and integrative medicine visit http://holistichealthdaily.com

There you have it, in two issues of Balanced Living Magazine Free Gifts that can change your life in ways that will fill you with pleasure and joy.


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