I Like To Give Before The Holidays

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on September 29,


Last issue I gave you a free gift of success and today I wanted to continue giving you some costly information at no charge.It is good to give before the holidays. Some friends of mine want to test the universe and see if they can out give the universe. It can’t be done but you and I get to benefit from their attempt to out do the “give and it shall be given unto you” principle.

Learn How To Make Good  Money On The Internet in Your Spare Time!

For example if you want to make money on the internet by giving away 7-10 page reports my friend Connie Ragen Green show you how to do it and make it go viral (that means a lot of people get the free report and wind up sending you money). Connie is an ethical hard working lady who teaches internet marketing and one of her streams of good passive income comes from these simple free reports that offer great information and links to other products where she gets a commission on them. Connie teaches you the best way to do this so you don’t waste your time or get frustrated that it’s not working. She takes you step by step by video on exactly how to find the information, what to write, how to write it and how to get it to other people, who in turn send it to other people. To get Connie’s complimentary training go to http://ViralReportMarketing.com

Imagine Learning How To Be Successful

What would happen if you adjusted your Self Image to one that gave you power and pleasure – if you’re looking for something and looking to define what you call success then you are in the right place.

Success has at it’s core the feelings of power and pleasure and acceptance of others and Darrin Kirzel has found put together 3 books and a CD that is designed to help you shift your beliefs so you can have a successful mindset and he is giving it to you for FREE in the hopes that through his help you may get such good results that you will invest in yourself by using his other products as well.

Follow The 7 Simple Goal Setting Solutions To Success! You will be Hitting the Target Every Time….

And Shatter Those Limiting Beliefs Setting And Achieving Your Goals!!!

www.successfulmindset.info to find out how!

What Would It Be Like To Understand The Human Operating System?

Now a good friend and one hell of a nice guy Mr. Chuck Pennington just wrote one of the most interesting books on being human and how to make it work for you.

Do any of these sound appealing to you?

  • Going forward through life with a confident sense of control – making decisions easier and faster
  • Realizing that you are filled with powerful creative life force – knowing solutions are just a few inspired actions away
  • Knowing that you are a conduit for universal thought – bringing power to your every creation
  • Finding more health, wealth, and love in your life – getting more and making it better
  • Looking forward to an abundant life, having fun sculpting the abundant life you deserve

Chuck PenningtonLive the life of freedom and abundance you deserve to live.

Get your free copy of “Human Being 2.0 – The Human Operating System” by The “Good Energy Guy” Chuck Pennington.

If you’re looking for some the answers about how the system of energy we live in works and how you can make it work for you, the you ought to click the link below and get this cool new book.

It’ll help ya think better.

Go here and get your free ebook → http://humanoperatingsystems.com

And for a special treat


One of the most talented and amazing musicians on the planet Mr. Lawrence Ball will change your life to deeper joy and peace just by listening to his music.

World-renowned composer-musician Lawrence Ball has put together a 7 piece sample of his vast range of music for you to test drive for free.

Visit http://www.meditationalmusic.net to obtain your reservoir of wonderful experiences.

Lawrence Ball

The pieces are from each of:

  • 20 PIECES OF PIANO – one meditation piano
  • SONIC SHAPES – the Rolls-Royce of sound healing
  • FOUR PEACEFUL PIECES – really slow down, piano music
  • COSMOS – visit a whole universe anywhere
  • IMAGE OF SOUND – mental declutter, sound fields from iron bark sticks
  • SILVERSTREAM – deeply rest in slow motion sounds
  • CRYSTAL MISTS IN SILVER AIR – journeys through vividly decorated sound spaces





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