How To Use Your Ego To Speed Up Spiritual Awakening

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on October 14,


How To Use Your Ego To Speed Up Spiritual AwakeningWhen was the last time you thought about how to use your ego to speed up spiritual awakening? Was it yesterday, last week, last year, never? Do you want to be more spiritually awake than you are now? Are you aware of the benefits of being more spiritually awake?

Here are a few suggestions on…

 How To Use Your Ego To Speed Up Spiritual Awakening

One way to use your ego instead of letting it use you is… from this point forward never ever again compare yourself to another human being. Compare yourself to anything other than another human being. The moment you compare yourself to another your ego begins to make the measurement of judgment, i.e. good/bad, right/wrong, better/worse. When you compare yourself to anything other than human your ego begins make the measurement of calibration without value judgments, i.e. distance, differences, locations, size, shapes and utilization.

Another way to use your ego to speed up spiritual awakening is to never ever again take what another says about you or anyone seriously or as accurate or true. This becomes easier the longer you no longer compare yourself to another human being.

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I thought it might be fun to talk about spiritual awakening and the ego game. And to paraphrase a popular TV commercial, ” let go of my ego”. I hope this sheds some light on the subject so that you can experience more peace, joy and happiness and open up to more spiritual awakening.

It has been my experience and you may have found that in your life, the times that you turned to religion or spirituality for guidance that one of the main culprits of why you were having such a hard time had something to do with something called your ego.

Spiritual Awakening and The Ego Game

The general consensus seems to be the ego is bad, it needs to be gotten rid of and you don’t want it. This concept can create a lot of bondage and here is my thinking on how that comes about.

First, the ego is a concept created by Sigmund Freud to describe a particular aspect of why people do what they do. So on the fundamental level it was created, in other words it was made up. It isn’t real, it is simply a concept used to describe the function of a part of how and why people respond and react.

So for the purposes of this discussion let’s go with there is such a thing as the ego. Otherwise the general consensus that it is something that we need to do something with (i.e. get rid of)  would not make any sense.

Since we are all meaning makers (i.e. creators) we’ll play with the concept that we all have this thing called an ego. We can’t touch it, we can’t see it, but this thing is the root cause of all our problems.

Many spiritual and religious teachers have built the morphic field idea that the ego needs to be eliminated. The problem with that is like saying skin needs to be eliminated. The ego is as necessary to the psychological make-up of you as skin is to the physical make-up of you.

Without ego you could not make a decision. You could not be motivated or inspired. You could not accomplish anything. Bless your ego. Say yes to your ego because without your ego there would be not you.

So why is there such uproar in spiritual, religious and psychological circles about the ego?

I would like to suggest at best it is an attempt to soothe hurt feelings and at worst an attempt to control and manipulate those who would buy into the idea that they had something they need to get rid of.

Spiritual awakening and the ego will look and feel different depending on where one is in their awakening. When you realize that the ego is to be embraced and loved totally and unconditionally spiritual awakening and the ego game is a whole new game.

One of the tenets of  Spiritual Psychology is the concept of non-resistance to what ‘is’. Whatever you resist, persist. In other words whatever you try to get rid of stays. The other side of that is the way to release resistance is embrace that which you were resisting.

“What we resist, persist and what we embrace we mitigate and dissipate.”

If ‘mitigate and dissipate’ are unfamiliar use the word ‘eliminate’ instead. Unconditionally loving ‘resistance’ causes it to shift and the charge, hook or block that was there goes away.

Spiritual freedom comes when your spiritual awakening moves from excluding everything to embracing everything. Which requires moving from making judgements about everything to calibrating everything

These are just a few ways on how to use your ego to speed up spiritual awakening.


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