How To Get Rid of Your Victim-Hoodie

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on December 2,


How To Get Rid of Your Victim-HoodieAre you one of those people who need to learn how to get rid of your victim-hoodie? In case you aren’t aware a hoodie is a light weight, usually made of cotton jacket or pullover with a hood attached to cover your ears and head from the cold. And here is something that was written 2 days ago on that can help you if you have ever felt like a victim or have felt victimized.

How To Get Rid of Your Victim-Hoodie

For some people the concept of never be a victim again is almost unbelievable and for others they never even consider themselves victims no matter what happens. So the idea of never be a victim again doesn’t mean anything to them. A lot of people fall in between sometimes feeling like a victim and other times feeling, if not like a victor at minimum ‘not a victim’.

Here are just a few of the results of identifying yourself as a victim…

  • anxiety
  • sadness
  • fear
  • anger
  • stress
  • depression
  • helplessness
  • hopelessness
  •  feeling of unfairness
  • feel taken advantage of
  • poor self worth
  • low physical energy

Is there anything I missed?

And most of these are not mild passing feelings, they are deep feelings that people often feel is a part of them.

I suspect you were not aware of all the negative, debilitating and harmful results that often are the consequences of feeling like a victim.

Also, what most folks do not take into account, is that all of these feelings are directly connected to your beliefs which make up your belief system. And even deeper than, not knowing it is about how and what you are thinking and believing, almost no one understands that you wouldn’t feel like a victim and have the thoughts and feelings of a victim, if you changed your identity of who you are. Then you would not suffer from victimization or victim-hood.

Never Be A Victim Again

The vicious cycle of feeling like a victim and identifying yourself as a victim is one of the many possible identities of being a human. When you feel like a victim you have forgotten a couple of the forgotten fundamentals of an exquisite life…

“The Individual IS the Meaning Maker” and

“Energy flows, builds, charges and strengthens where attention goes.

These principles are extremely important because as the meaning maker you determine what beliefs you have. The beliefs you have are where you have flown energy to a thought, built it up, added an emotional charge, and strengthened it into something it is not. You don’t realize a belief is a thought you’ve given so much attention to that the energy has gotten you to forget it is just a thought.

That is amazing leverage, to be able to take a simple thought and turn it into a belief. The thought “I am a victim” isn’t real, true or accurate. It is only a thought that you have put attention on long enough to make it a conclusion. And as my Grampa Vetter said, “A conclusion is where you stopped thinking.”

When you put attention on a thought and hold it there for 16 seconds it begins to draw other thoughts to it. The thought “I am a victim” after 16 seconds starts drawing thoughts like “I’m a victim BECAUSE A, B, C, D.” Continued thinking about all those thoughts begin to take on the voice of authority saying them over and over. And then the thought of how long this has been happening to me comes in and all of a sudden what used to be a simple thought is now a fact and a belief simply because of the amount of attention given to the thought.

Victim-hood and all the corresponding less than useful emotions and feeling, can be released out of your system (body and mind) by using  many of the cutting edge consciousness technologies that are available today. Some are free protocols and for those who want personal help to never be a victim again feel free to contact me.

The fastest way to never be a victim again is to work on the level that controls your beliefs and your belief system. And even thought it is the quickest, most powerful and easiest level to work on very few people ever address this level. That is the level of identity.

The only way you could belief that you are a victim is by having an inaccurate identity. What do I mean by an inaccurate identity? I mean having the identity of ‘I’m only human’. Most people have it worse than that. They identify themselves as male or female, which even limits their only humanness.

The best way to solve the ‘never be a victim again’ problem also solve the insidious ‘only human’ belief problem. There is a one-on-one personal trainingseminar where you can solve all these problems and more. The program is called Lucid Living™ Seminars. They are designed to wake you up to your full identity so that just as lucid dreaming gives you great power and control while dreaming you have the same during your every day waking life.

Click here if you would like to never be a victim again and want the best way on the planet to make it happen.

I wanted you to see the article because you no longer have to feel like a victim and you can get rid of your victim-hoodie today if you really want to.


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