How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on August 25,


Do you remember that ole BeeGees song, how can you mend a broken heart, how can you stop the rain from coming down or something like that? Well I recently received this question on the difference between the concept of a heart chakra and HeartSpace™. I thought my response might be useful for you as well.

Hi Doc I looked at your heart space video you sent me. I was wondering is the heart chakra and heart space kind of the same. Can one go into heartspace if their heart chakra is closed? I suspect alot of people’s heart chakras may be closed. Here is why. Have you ever heard of the old saying that people take kindness for weakness. Opening the heart chakra and perhaps the heart space could make someone a kind and loving person. As a result more people could target someone like that and take advantage of them which is why alot of people may be afraid to open their heart chakra or go into heart space. Not because they’re necessarily bad or selfish people but because they’re afraid of being used or taken advantage of because people do take kindness for weakness. Also alot of people who has had broken hearts may have their heart chakra or heart space closed. They don’t want that feeling again of having their heart broken and close their hearts therefor closing their heart chakra.  Does this make any sense Doc. I know I can’t be the only one that thinks like this. I know you have a lot of experience in this so I apologize if I sound ignorant on this topic.

Thanks Doc

Thanks for the email and the question. A little clarification if I may.

Both the chakra system and HeartSpace(tm) are models or ways to describe how the unseen aspect of things works. They are only as real as the usefulness they provide in getting results. They are both based on testing and observation. They are two different systems that have some similarities.

The Heart Chakra and the Chakra system is a concept that comes from Eastern philosophy made popular by practices such as Yoga, etc. The Heart Chakra is one of seven major energy channels that runs through the body and are vortex’s of energy pulling energy through the body going in both directions.

HeartSpace™ on the other hand comes from studies done in the West and looks like a big 30 ft donut around the body. (It is a torsion field that produces scalar waves, aka a black hole). Way more powerful than a chakra. In fact HeartSpace™  includes the second, third and forth (Heart) chakra.

The concept is the Heart Chakra cannot be closed. The chakra can be damaged. In other words the energy flow through the channel can be restricted, or slowed way down or most of the energy can be blocked. However some energy is getting through the chakra or based on the concept you would not be alive.

Using the chakra model and trying to explain it makes assumptions like you made such as ‘afraid to open their heart’ ‘not necessarily bad or selfish people’, ‘broken hearts’ and ‘not wanting the feeling of their heart broken’. I can see how using a Chakra model one might come to those conclusions.

However, the HeartSpace™ model uses a different explanation. In this model there is ONLY one of two places you can be, head space or HeartSpace™. Both are torsion energy fields. Head space is a lot smaller and has two small energy polarities we’ll call your… 1) logical brain, which most associate with their head and your… 2) emotional brain, which sits across the top of your chest, right on top of HeartSpace™.

Most people associate their emotional brain with their heart.  Because of the small size of the energy field of head space the logical brain and the emotional brain are usually in constant opposition. Most people call that, their head fighting their heart, when it is actually the logical brain and the emotional brain fighting.

The reason for the fighting is the emotional brain is designed to feel everything, all emotions and pass them through the system. The logical brain says you can only feel these certain emotions and instead of flowing all the energy in motion (e-motions) through the system the logical brain struggles to keep certain ones away which creates energy flow constrictions which do not feel good. The constriction creates such pressure that the energy pushes you instead of carries you. OR what I call ‘the energy hooks you’.

There is a third energy polarity we’ll call your belly brain and it is where both the logical and emotional brains no longer fight, in fact they blend and work as one. From the belly brain, the core of HeartSpace™ you can feel the best AND the worst emotion and they simply flow right through the system and neither one hooks you. You can tell when you are hooked because you keep thinking, feeling and ADDING meaning to some past event as the justification for not feeling good right now.

To Your Best,
Doc Houston

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