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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on March 15,


Inner gameMost people get curious when you read a headline like get your copy free without even being there. And I hope your curiosity, gets really strong, because it can seem almost impossible too …get something without being there, much less getting it free. SUURRE your thinking, “But, do I really …want what is free and can it really help me?” This time, YES!

I have to tell you what happened. Earlier in the year, Global TeleClass (Training Without Travel) called me and asked would I like to do a teleseminar on the subject of my choice through their network. I thought that would be a grand idea and to do it they wanted me to send you an invitation to go to one of their free training’s about becoming a Health Coach, which is a good program.

Well I sent you the information two times about a month ago and I hope some of you took advantage of the training.

Well anywayssss…

Since they are in the business of helping people become a health coach I though to help you out if you decide to become a health coach the best thing I could do is to teach a class that would benefit you. And just in case you wanted to do something else this would still benefit you.

The class I want to teach is The Inner Game of Starting or Building A Business and everyone seems to be excited about the class. And what I am doing is I am asking Global TeleClass if they will record the training so I can send everyone a copy because the same principles necessary to start or build a business are the exact same things you need to build a happy life and your life is your business.

So if you go here and sign up for the free training on The Inner Game of Starting or Building A Business which is tonight, Thursday, at 9pm CDT (10pm Eastern, 8pm Mountain, 7pm Pacific) and you are not able to make it hopefully I can get Global TeleClass to send you a link to the download and you might consider applying this training to their Health Coaching program.

So if you sign up for the teletraining and you are unable to make it we want to make it available to you because the information can help you greatly. That is the way to get your copy free without being there. We would love to have you on the class and it is both by phone and by webinar so we will have a great time.

And as an additional offer that applies to the outer game of starting and building a business I asked Marlon Sanders if there was anything he could offer that might incentivize, (I don’t know if that’s a proper word) you and he said Doc, why don’t we give a 50% discount for the next four days, on the same products you use to help build your outer online business.

I think that’s a great idea.

So if you want to take advantage of Marlon’s Outer Game Offer where you can get 50% off of the same products I use to design, product and promo most of the products I create and you want it …

  • Laid out by the numbers…Do step #1 First, then do step #2, then #3 so you know what to do next
  • If you want it in easy to understand language so it doesn’t take long to learn and makes it easy to follow
  • If you want flexibility inside each step so you can pick and choose so you can plan to succeed

Then you do want to take advantage of Marlon’s Generous Offer because I promise you after you do the drills to get the skills we are going to reveal in The Inner Game of Starting or Building A Business –, you are gonna have the inspiration to make it happen for you. And the tools that Marlon offers for the outer game are some of the best and I personally use them.

They say it is a marketing phopaw (how do you spell it? fopaw, phopa, fopa?) to put more than one link in an email. They say it is to confusing for you. I don’t believe them (whoever they are). Because if I only had one person’s like in this email and I knew of something that would benefit you and didn’t tell you about it. That just wouldn’t be right and it’s not fair to you.

I could have just told you about the FREE Training The Inner Game of Starting or Building A Business – and how to get your copy free even if you can’t be there and I could have stopped right there.

I didn’t have to tell you about Marlon’s Generous Offer.  Sure, it isn’t free but, it is at a discount Marlon has never offered before and I am grateful for his generosity at this time. So I felt I had to tell you about it. Not because you have to have these programs, not because I use them, not because I’m an affiliate of Marlon’s but because I’d be doing you a disservice if you do the drills I’m gonna give you in the Inner Game training and you are wanting to start or build your business and I didn’t let you know about them.

If you are not going to use the tools you’ll get in this training to start or build a business and you want to use them to build a better life for  yourself you do not need Marlon’s offer. It is only for those who are going to apply the Inner Game to start or build a business.

I hope to see you tonight.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –

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