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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on July 16,


Get the shift you want freeHi,

I was talking to my friend Scott, the other day and I mentioned that I have had about 10 people tell me when they listened to the interview that I did with Kate Loving Shenk that they got the same powerful shifts as listening to any of the Ask Doc Anything calls.

One of the unique features of that show was we helped people with physical issue (pain), relationship issues and financial issues all on that same call.

Scott being in radio made two comments. The first one was that for every person that makes a positive comment about something that means 6 to 10 other people feel the same way. For negative comments the number are more like 15 to 20.

That means that at minimum 60 to 100 people have been blessed by that interview.

The second comment Scott made is, “Doc haven’t you figured it out, yet? Listening to you shifts people on their deepest level and the more they listen the more shifts. It is kinda like every time they listen more and more openings of openness happen in their being. 

It is the same energy you put into your books.”

So today I want to give you access to the interview where you can start to get the shifts and changes that you want and I also ask that you share this with anyone you know could use a shift (change).

The interview is at Ask Doc and it does not cost you a dime, it is totally free.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –

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