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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on December 5,


Your success depends on your location and this article can help you get in the best location for success to be easy for you. Of course, everyone wants external success; you know things like cars, homes, relationships and, of course, MONEY. The nice thing about the article for today is it can get you all those things and more important than all that stuff is it gets you real success and that is the peace, joy and pleasure, i.e happiness that most think they will get when they get all the stuff.


Sometimes knowing where you are can be valuable information. They say in Real Estate the key to valuable real estate is location, location, location.

To know where you are you must be able to see landscape that you recognize. When you see a familiar landmark you begin to get your bearings. The more landmarks you recognize the more accurately you can determine your location. When you know where you are it is easier to get to where you want to go.

In life the same is true. The location you operate from most of the time determines the ease of your success or the difficulty of getting what you want. Being emotionally charged, angry, sad, mad, or upset most of the time instead of cool, calm and capable may only be because you are not aware of where you are.

It is valuable and important to understand that even though we are making distinctions between operating from one location vs the other, neither location is good or bad, right or wrong. They just are where you are at the time.

The key take away you want to get from this is there is only one of two places you can be and neither one is better or gooder than the other. What you want is the ability to recognize where you are and then without feeling bad move over to the other or vis-a-versa.

The only two places you can be anytime or anywhere is in your Head Space or in yourHeartSpace™.

An important distinction: What most refer to as head vs heart are both head space  phenomena. Often people believe they are in their HeartSpace™ when they are actually in their emotions with emotions dominating the logical thinking aspect of head space. And usually when some is coming from their heart they are not coming from HeartSpace™ they are coming from the emotional side of head space.

Head space and Heart Space are not referring to head and heart as most people understand them. We are talking torsion fields here not emotions.

There are a couple of ways to gain the ability to recognize and then move from head space to HeartSpace™ without feeling bad. They both work the best when they become your habit.

The first one is our  HeartSpace™ training videos and the other is our Core Belief Alignment Program.

Both programs are great and I believe the Core Belief Alignment Program is one of the best programs we’ve developed. It is right up there with Spiritual Technology’s Deep PEATwhere we integrate your original set of polarities.

Let me say here even though we appreciate you getting our programs now, I’m not saying, you need to buy our programs now to get the benefits of using the head space – HeartSpace™  distinctions.

Here is where to find 3 0r 4 old YouTube videos that Introduce you to HeartSpace™

Our Core Belief Alignment Program is designed to take you through the process of aligning your 41 core beliefs and you can do it in less than 6 hours and be set for the rest of your life and as I said you don’t have to get this program and yet if you do get it you’ll be very happy.

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So there it is a way for you to get in the best location for success.

We are dedicated to your success and appreciate your support.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – 
P.S. What are your thoughts and feelings about success being easy? Please let us know by commenting below.



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