For Women Only Unless You Are A Man

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on December 14,


Beautiful! Looking Good! They are attractive! You look Great! That’s what I’m talking about. Yes this edition of Balanced Living Magazine is for women only, unless you are a man.

It used to be that only women were concerned with how they look. Or at least that was the accepted societal view point. Now-a-days both men and women are concerned with how they look. Looks can often play a very big role in whether or not a business deal is made, even though most business people won’t readily admit it.

I have a clearing house for business networking events in Houston, TX so I attend more business networking events than most people and as a general rule the more pleasant and pleasing you are to the eyes, the less wrinkles, the more fit you look the easier it is to get someone’s attention, start a conversation and get business from other business professionals.

  • Everyone knows about attracting a mate, right?
  • You do know how important it is to look good for that special someone, yes?
  • And naturally when you get attention from someone else, it sure feels good, doesn’t it?

For Women Only Unless You Are A Man

I like a quote from Face Fitness Center

There are always things we want to correct, to improve, and feel better about…

You know that LOOKING better, makes you FEEL better… and  feeling better makes you look better…it’s a vicious cycle that builds and builds upon itself, but you have to make the first step to start this cycle of looking and feeling your best…

Let’s start with an example of face exercises you can do to help reduce fine lines naturally.  These particular exercises are good for the neck and lower jaw area.  They help lift your neck and smooth any of the lines in your lower face and around your mouth.  There are also other specific facial exercise programs which help with fine lines around your eyes and forehead.

Start by sitting comfortably in a chair that has low to medium back. This is important so that you can tilt head backwards.  As if you are staring at the ceiling, tilt your head back as far as you can comfortably. Now make the motion of chewing with your mouth. This exercise is to be repeated for 3-5 minutes every day to get results.  Like I said, it’s great for fine lines around your neck and lower-jaw, as well as helping you lift the sagging skin around your neck.

For more free facial exercises:

And right now it is Christmas time and if you want to look better and feel better the people over at Face Fitness Center know that the new year is coming up so they are taking 76% off of their Face Fitness Mega package for you today and tomorrow.

Please check out this great Christmas deal for you as this is for women only unless you are a man.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –
P.S. I wish I could get them to extend the time but this fantastic deal is only for today and tomorrow so get your’s today.

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