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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on October 17,


Financial Enlightenment changes how you think and feel about money and that shift allows more money to show up in ways that can delight and surprise you. In a recent training call Increasing Your Money Flow the concept of neutrality or alignment was misunderstood and someone asked this question.

Doc, what if emotional charge is FUN. What if the robotic neutrality (think Data–character from Star Trek) is not quite living. What if what you call “being hooked” is really just having passion and interest. If we didn’t want to be hooked, we wouldn’t stick out all the little attachment hookie parts for the hooking to hook on to.

This is really a great question as it gives us a chance to really get a clear picture of what alignment, i.e. neutrality or integration really is.

1st the above question is a mental question without actual experience. Neutrality (think alignment) is not robotic nor not quite living. It is a much funner state than that. Neutrality (i.e. alignment) is a lot fuller experience, a much rawer experience and an extremely enjoyable experience. (Think HeartSpaceā„¢.)

Misalignment creates hooks, blocks, constrictions, etc. Not passion but out of control emotions. The feeling and thought that something is happening to me instead of this me doing this to me. (If it were me doing this I SURELY won’t make myself feel this way! – those sort of thoughts)

In fact being hooked (misaligned) causes a srinkage in the range of emotional experience, both +/-). And it causes one to get stuck in mental loops that usually spiral downward.

Being Un-hooked or aligned or neutral is a really cool place as it allows you to experience every single emotion, the FULL range and not get hooked by any of them.

From a place of alignment, passion comes from inspiration and does not require motivation (external stimuli) to stay strong.

Structurally how it works emotions are ‘energy in motion’, not energy stopped or held. When one gets over-hyper emotionally the emotional energy is being held, stopped constricted, restricted.

When we are hooked (it isn’t a bad thing unless we don’t know how to get unhooked) we are pretending to be containers and the 2rd Forgotten Fundamental of AN Exquisite Life is, “Individuals are not container, we are conduits.” Conduits flow stuff (energy) through instead of holding it.

Getting aligned or neutral to any emotions that shows up provides the greatest flexibility in the world. Then it becomes a question of how do I use this (whatever ,emotion, situation, happening) to move me closer to what I want.

Alignment or Neutrality is the place of calibration instead of judgment, misalignment is the opposite. And as hypnotist I suspect that you understand the value of calibration vs judgment.

Please understand I am not saying unhooked is better than hooked. I am saying having the ability to get hooked and unhooked at will is a much more enjoyable game.

To put it in sort of hypnosis terms Head Space, where getting hooked, misalgined, etc happens is where the conscious and the unconscious are at odds, i.e. fight each other.

HeartSpaceā„¢ on the other hand, I have five fingers, is where both the conscious and the unconscious work together and blend as one. Think balance and flow.

Another way I like to metaphor this is… If we got to know the infinite aspect of ourselves as well as we know the finite aspect of ourselves everything in our life would shift. That would be oneness living in duality or what I refer to as Lucid Living ( a play on Lucid Dreaming).

As my Grampa Vetter would say, “It’s ALL BS. We only call another on their BS when it doesn’t align with our BS. BS is Belief System, even if we call it by another name, we are ALL FULL OF IT!” As Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name is still a rose.”

I hope this helps.

To Your Best,
Doc Houston –

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