[How To VIDEO] Useful Beliefs: A Way To End Suffering

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on May 5,


In this short 8 minute video Dr. Vetter http://docloves.me/askdocanything  gives one way to end suffering using the 1st Forgotten Fundamental of [an exquisite] Life.

And the 1st Forgotten Fundamental is “The Individual (YOU) are the Meaning Maker.” Nothing means anything until you add the meaning.

This process will loosen up your thinking and believing so you are able to shift your reality from what you don’t want to a place of getting life to work for you.

The process teaches you one way to find the still point inside you and from that stillness contemplate 5 questions and notice what comes up without judging.

Useful Beliefs: A Way To End Suffering

Pain and suffering do not have to be your experience. They are the result of what you are believing at the time. Learning to question what you are thinking and believing from a place of stillness can make all the difference in the world.

The reason you put emotive feelings on your beliefs is because you have not learned how to remove the energetic charge or energy spin that usually comes from making meaning of good/bad, true/false. If you want to learn how to remove the emotive charge that comes with beliefs you may want to check out “The Way To Happiness”

As an example…

Think of something that bothers you and notice the charge (emotive hook) it has in the body. Notice where you feel it and how it feels; constricted rather than open, bad rather than good.

Now think of something that lights you up that brings you pleasure and notice the charge (positive emotive hook) it has in the body. Notice it feels open more than constricted, good rather than bad.

Now think of what you had to eat yesterday and notice the absence of charge, no emotive hook in the body. Notice how it feels… neutral no charge, no spin, no hook either way. You can feel any constriction or openness without it being a big deal here.

Which gives you more freedom?


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