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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on March 12,


Everywhere you look today there is fear, worry and anxiety about the economy. And the worry is not just limited to your city, state or country. The anxiety over the economy is worldwide. So let’s narrow this down from the world to your country, to your state, to your city, let’s narrow it down even past your friends and family… It’s time to focus on “Your FREE Economic Recovery”.

Not your cities, not your state, not the countries or the worlds but you and your economic recovery. Why go there? Because as most readers of Balanced Living Magazine know everything starts with you and how you think and feel and it moves out from there.

What can your economic recovery do for you?

Well the way we teach economic recovery it will improve more than just your money and economics.

Which of these are more important to you.

  • less stress
  • better health
  • less doubt
  • more time
  • less worry
  • more fun
  • less anxiety
  • more pleasure
  • less pressure
  • more money
  • less anger
  • better relationships
  • less fear
  • more freedom
  • more energy
  • more time

What do you want? Well the upcoming teleclass this Thursday will give you the chance to have exactly what you want.

The same principles used to enjoy an exquisite life are the same used to start or build a business and that is why you want to take this class on “The Inner Game To Start Or Build Your Business”. because your life is your business.

Whether you own a business or you are thinking about starting a business or not you want to join us for The Inner Game To Start Or Build Your Business. Why? Because the same Inner Game principles that… you use to start or build a business are the same ones you use to enjoy life the way you want to enjoy life.

Instead of fear worry and doubt about what you need or want to do come learn the process on how to get clear on what it is you want.

Before you take any physical action, before you get started trying this and trying that, why not go through the process to learn how to get clarity on what you want to do.

  • Learn about finding your challenges and eliminating them
  • Learn about building a desire so you cannot fail.
  • Learn about finding customers and building a clientele. (friends and lovers)
  • Learn the secret key to growth

The same principles used to enjoy an exquisite life are the same used to start or build a business and that is why you want to take this class on “The Inner Game To Start Or Build Your Business”.

Your FREE Economic Recovery… This Thursday evening, March 15th, 10 pm EDT, 9 pm CDT, 8 pm MDT, 7 pm PDT (except Arizona where it will be 10 pm) you can get training without travel. You don’t even have to leave the house. You can come to class in your PJ’s or your birthday suit we don’t mind. 🙂

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –

P.S. Come and join us this Thursday for Your FREE Economic Recovery. You will be very grateful you did.

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Are You Ready For Social Media?

 In truth I don’t think any of us are truly ready for Social Media Marketing.

While that may be a bit of a shocking statement from someone like me, who spends a lot of time everyday in social media marketing, doing it on behalf o of some large clients, the truth is that trying to integrate this new way of doing business with our old paradigms of thinking about  marketing is not easy.

I want to share some comments I found from some thought leaders in the social media space.

Remember marketing campaigns?

“Marketers have  been trained with a campaign mentality,  spending weeks planning, designing and  executing in a sequential manner.  Social  marketing is changing that.  We now need the ability to react instantly  to breaking news, changes on our websites and  negative customer feedback. Marketers need a new mentality,  infrastructure and  workflows  to meaningfully  participate in real time.”

From Brian Solis  the author of “Engage”

“Companies of all sizes will need to transform their business and existing infrastructure, and reverse engineer the impact of business objectives and metrics,” predicts prominent thought leader of new media, Brian Solis. “Businesses will have to embrace all of the disruptive elements, such as mobile and  social  technology, in a new, cohesive organization that  is focused outward and  inward.”

From Jason Falls the founder of Social Media Examiner

“It won’t be front-page news  or sexy,  but adding customer relationship management and  tying social  CRM functionality  to marketing efforts will improve our ability as marketers to hit relevant audiences with relevant messages at relevant times  and  in relevant places,” predicts Jason Falls. “Companies without relevancy in messaging as a priority will fall behind.”

From Erik Qualmam, author of Socialnomics,

“2012 could  be the year where digital leadership transcends privacy.  Winning social  network  providers will be those that  both  individuals  and  companies trust.”

What the Big Boys are Doing

From Paul Gillin, author of “Social Media Marketing for the Business Customer

“Brands are learning not to treat social media as some kind of an outlier to delegate to a junior manager or an agency”.  “We will begin  to see very large ad campaigns from some prominent companies developed with a social  component at their core.  This development will light the way to a new generation of integrated marketing programs that  are much more  sophisticated that  anything we’ve seen in the past.”

“Large brands will have  enough experience with social  media  marketing under their belts  to act  more  strategically and  better integrate social  media  into their overall marketing and  operations,” says Neil Glassman of Social  Media Times.

“They will start  looking more  carefully at the tools  and  many will make  changes informed  by their experience.  SMB’s will be presented with more  affordable and accessible DYI application choices, making  it possible to be more  proactive with their social  media  initiatives.”

Mobile is a Game Changer

“Business will catch up with mobile users in 2012,” predicts Mark Lazen of Social  Media Today,  “And will seriously begin  to make  valuable offers to their geo- located fans.”

“The continued growth  of mobile  — smart phones as the primary device to access the web and  use  social  — will totally change

the game for social  marketing,” expects Debi Kleiman of MITX. “Social marketing uses  cases and  the kind of data that can be gleaned when people are using social on their phones will require  brands to completely rethink how they connect and  communicate with consumers.”

I hope those comments have given you lots of food for thought.

But let me leave you with a comment on Mobile.  Mobile really is a game changer and in 2011 there were 5X as many people connecting to the internet by Mobile devices as there were using computers.  The new tablets have added many, many more Users whose internet experience of your web site may not be what you want it to be.  Just think iphones and ipads refuse to play “Flash” video; so many of you who have beautiful flash videos on your web site will be unable to be seen at all on users of Apple devices and they are not changing their policy.

If you want to see what your web site looks like on a mobile device use this site   You can enter your web site URL into it and see how it looks on a number of mobile devices.

If you don’t like what you see then get it changed and get it changed quickly.  But don’t try to change your current web site to mobile.  Mobile users don’t want all the information that a web site user wants.  They are usually in even more of a hurry, and may be out in their car searching or waiting for a bus or sitting in a restaurant or at home watching TV and scrolling during commercials.

I love helping businesses create functional mobile web sites, and they are so much less expensive then your normal web site.  Yet that is where the action takers, the real ready buyers are looking, so don’t be caught missing when someone wants to buy from you.

Give me a shout at if you’d like to talk about going mobile.


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