Economic Freedom AND Personal Fulfillment

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on March 22,


freedom and fulfillmentIn today’s economy with all the uncertainty about the future more and more people are thinking about starting their own business to supplement or replace their current job. As you know we just recently finished a teleclass on the Inner Game of starting and building a business and you may or may not know I teach courses on starting a healing or life coaching business but, today I got something very special for you. A chance to fulfill TWO great needs at the same time: Economic Freedom AND Personal Fulfillment. A couple of our Experts Dr. Joe Rubino and a master hypnotist Steve G. Jones have teamed up and if you thought, “not a healing business or not a life coaching business”, then this may be the best lucrative business for you.

The reason I’m sharing this with you today is Dr. Rubino and Steve did something that made me feel I had to let you know about. I think is one of the highest callings I have to be able to provide you with information, tools and training’s that can relieve some of the pressures you are experiencing and allow you to enjoy life more and be happier. And with the deal they are offering I would be foolish to keep it from you.

Economic Freedom AND Personal Fulfillment

I think you’ll find this interesting:

EVERYONE dreams about becoming personally and financially free on THEIR terms.

Everyone wants to make a fabulous living where they’re the boss and they call the shots. But that’s not all… we all want to make a DIFFERENCE at the same time (after all, what feels better than going to sleep at night knowing you’re supporting others to be successful… while generating an abundant, dream income at the same time?)

And yes, a lot of people make this dream a reality.

But let me tell you something… while there are many legitimate ways to find economic freedom, there are few that offer control of your destiny and personal fulfillment at the same time.

But there’s one way that tends to make all the others, well, not as appealing. And today, I’m going to tell you how you can make this happen for yourself (it’s not as hard as you think… more on this below).

What is it?

The secret is to become a Certified Business Coach. Here’s why:

  •   you have access to a market worth billions of dollars
  •  you have potential clients who will do anything to help their businesses grow… people who see hiring a business coach as a true investment
  •  you’ll get respect in your community as a recognized expert business coach
  •  you’ll receive incredible gratification knowing your expertise is helping others succeed
  •  you DON’T need experience to make this dream a reality
  •  AND, you’ll be the envy of all now that you too have found a way to make lasting financial freedom and personal fulfillment an undeniable reality.

********* HERE’S THE GOOD NEWS ***********

Celebrity hypnotist Steve G. Jones, along with internationally acclaimed life and business coach, best-selling author and personal development expert, Dr. Joe Rubino, our Self-Esteem Expert have put together the most comprehensive Business Coaching Certification program around.

But don’t worry: you’re not going to need textbooks and months of study. They’ve stripped out all the fluff and given you all the secrets of the trade… tactics for business success that very few people know about (imagine what you could do if you ever wanted to start a side business of your own!).

But the best part?

As a “welcome aboard” gift, they’ve decided to offer this full-throttle Business Coach Certification at a whopping 95% off! (this program is offered for $675 at AUNLP. org… just don’t enroll there!)

This is a very limited time opportunity to pick it up at this huge 95% discount.

Watch a short video and see a sample module by clicking here:

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –

P.S. Steve and Joe have become highly acclaimed and well-respected for putting together world-class certification programs that empower people like you with everything they need to turn their desire to help others succeed… into incredible personal and economic freedom.

But I have to say, I think they’ve outdone themselves. See why here: Economic Freedom AND Personal Fulfillment

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