Don’t Believe The Lie Anymore

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on January 2,


Believing this one lie can cost you more than you know. You may have heard others tell this one lie and agreed with them, don’t believe the lie anymore. You may have even said it yourself. At the very least you have thought this lie is true for you. This lie has made life harder than it should have been for you. It may have even kept you from going after whatever it is that you really want in life. So don’t believe the lie anymore.

This one lie has been used as an excuse when things didn’t go our way. And mostly it was the excuse we used to give up and stop trying.

Don’t Believe The Lie Anymore

So What’s the lie? You’ve probably used it both ways.  Well it goes like this…

You can’t help it because…

“You’re ONLY Human!”

The ‘You’re ONLY Human” and “I’m ONLY Human’ lie has keep you from more of what you want and has caused you to work harder and longer than you really need to get what it is you do have.

Even though mankind has done a lot of amazing stuff there is still a lot of places where more amazing stuff can show up if we realize the truth of the matter.

The Truth

“You Are More Than You Think You Are!”

Yes you are human and you are more than human. You are also divine, at the same time.

You are not ONLY human you already are divine right now.

What would happen if you changed your focus form “only human” to “divine human”?

Don’t change any behaviors, don’t take any actions, don’t go out and do anything to prove to yourself that you are a divine human.

Simply spend some time considering…

  • Even though you are limited you are also already unlimited
  • Even though you are finite you are also already infinite
  • Even though you are temporary you are also already eternal
  • Even though you are imperfect you are also already perfect
  • Even though you are incomplete you are also already complete

The actual truth is you already are an infinite, eternal, unlimited, perfect, complete being.

However, it has not been your every day experience. You may have been slightly aware of some of the truth of the above statement but it hasn’t been your attention because of the 2nd Forgotten Fundamental of Life. Energy flows, charges and builds where attention goes. In other words your self talk has pretty much entirely been focused on “I’m ONLY Human.” And your focus of attention has not been on who you really are. Your real identity is almost unknown to you. So if you want to experience your real identity get this program today.

If not you can start and spend some time considering that you already are an infinite, eternal, unlimited perfect, complete being and to experience some of that listen to our last Ask Doc Anything Web-Teleseminar.

People are getting results and shifts just from listening to the replay…

Resources For Today…

  Get Help For Your Hormones


The Secret To A Better Lovelife


[ Editor’s Note:  Fitness author Jon Benson shared this letter with me and gave me permission to share it with you. ]

Today we need to chat about your hormones.

Yeah, I chat a lot about hormones. That’s because I have been to Hormone Hell and back. Twice.

I’ve lived to tell the tale.

It’s scary… and it’s one of those hidden illnesses that you might not even know you have.

I had it at 27. I did not affect my lovelife, but that was probably due to my youth. If I did not treat it then, I would have no lovelife or drive at ALL right now.

I treated it with drugs. That is all we had back then.

Today I use a combination of therapies, many of which are natural….

1. I train with weights to increase testosterone-levels naturally.

2. I train and do cardio before eating in the morning do increase gH levels naturally without drugs.

3. I cycle my calories to increase my thyroid levels naturally.

As you can see there are many ways to increase your hormone levels naturally.

But it’s not all exercise and nutrition. Now we have several “botanical” supplements:  Herbs and other natural helpers to help the fight.

I wish I would have known about Dr. Lucille when I was 27.

She’s the expert in that field. Herbs, nutrition for hormone help, and how to protect your body IF you have to take drugs to help the problem like I do.

I listen to her. So should you.

Here’s her site:

Dr. Lucille’s site <— natural energy help

The best thing about having your hormones optimized is energy.

Yes, you will burn more bodyfat.

Yes, you will increase your lovelife and your desire to have intimacy.

Yes, you will increase your resistance to disease and common illnesses.

But I think MORE ENERGY is the best.

I have the energy to do anything I want at just about any time I want.

Here’s an example:

Today I had to go to the funeral of a dear friend. She passed away after struggling with a lifetime of various illnesses, many of which were made worse by lifestyle choices. Some she had no control over.

We all loved her dearly.

We drove until 1:00AM this morning. I got up early for the funeral but not early enough to eat breakfast.

I had a large lunch afterwards and then we headed back — another 3 hour boring drive in traffic.

Even with all of this emotional stress, my body only needed a 2-hour nap to pop right back into high gear. I could literally go and workout now at almost 11:00pm if I had to.

I’m glad I don’t because I have a night of packing ahead of me for a business trip!

Still, the point is simple:

Hormone Health = Greater Energy

Most people do not exercise because… get this….

They do not FEEL like it.

I don’t mean “feel like it” as in they would rather do something else, although that is the case sometimes.

I mean “feel like it” in the sense that they have NO energy to do it.

They are tired, run-down after a 9 to 5 day, and feel zonked.

You too?

If so, you need this info…

Dr. Lucille’s site <— natural energy help

Remember:  More energy, more lovelife. More workouts that burn fat. More done in the day.

More living… in the best way possible.


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