Does Your Passion Carry or Push You?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on January 27,


Does Your Passion Carry or Push You?I have to ask the question does your passion carry or push you because I was thinking about my passion now and how it differs from other passions I’ve had in the past. I guess this conversation we are having will get kinda deep and personal as we go along. Forgive me as we talk about passion as it tends to get stronger the longer I and I suspect you focus on it.

When this writing started the thought that it would be nice to have one or two more Oneness Training students was one of the inspirations and as the writing has unfolded the direction passion has taken has been quite surprising and enlightening.

Talking about passion for a idea or cause rather than an individual person, Wikipedia says…

Passion (from the Ancient Greek verb πάσχω (paskho) meaning to suffer) is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something.

The term is also often applied to a lively or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal, cause, or activity or love – to a feeling of unusual excitement, enthusiasm or compelling emotion, a positive affinity or love, towards a subject. 

Passion can lead to fanaticism. As an example as a child I grew up in a fundamental Christian orphanage where we were taught weekly why our version of Christianity was right and everyone else’s was wrong and why we were going to heaven and everyone else going to hell.

So I am very familiar with the energy behind a lot of discussions I run across on the internet as I see people’s passion for what they believe. Now passion doesn’t have to lead to fanaticism so let’s delve into the different levels where your passion can be applied.

  • Does your passion involve others or just you?
  • Does your passion involve having something or being something?
  • Does your passion involve doing something?
  • Does your passion cause big highs and low lows?
  • Is your passion constant or does it come and go?
  • Is your passion motivating or inspiring?
  • Is your passion subtle or intense?
  • How does your passion show up?
  • What level is your passion on?

 Does Your Passion Carry or Push You?

You know how real dreams can seem, right? I’ve had sexual dreams that actually resulted in physical pleasure responses and I suspect you have too. I’m not talking about all the mental self-talk that went on after waking I’m speaking of the physical body response in a dream world that seemed so real and yet was so not. The amazing thing about that is the dream is totally and completely made up. It is not real and yet it felt so real my physical body responded in pleasure, in fear, in courage depending on the different dream.

When you wake up from a dream and yet you are still in the dream it is called lucid dreaming. you realize nothing is actually real in the dream and yet it still feels as if it is real. In lucid dreaming instead of things happening to you, you get to happen to everything. In other words you get to make everything happen. It is a pretty cool dream experience.

In lucid dreaming there is still the sense of you and separate other things. Even though in actuality there is no separate you, people, situations, or things. It is all simply neurons firing, giving the sense that there is something solid and outside of you and that you are actually interacting and effecting all that, including yourself.

So like a dream depending on which level your passion is focused on,determines what other levels are effected and how well they are influenced.

So far we have identified these levels one can have passion on…

  • Identity – How you perceive yourself, (including spiritual perception)
  • Beliefs – What you believe about self and others, (mind and emotions)
  • Behaviors – How you and others act (actions and physical possessions)

(Side note or Disclaimer: Nothing I write or say is suggesting that one level is better than another, only different. These are structural observations, not value judgments about good/bad, right/wrong, better/worse, just different.)

I have friends that are passionate about kids. I have friends that are passionate about learning and creativity. And I have friends that have a passion for improving children’s accelerated learning and creativity. Their passion shows up in totally different ways.

My best friend is passionate about high end Porsches and has turned that passion into a minnie fortune.

I have other friends that are passionate about politics, the environment and injustice. Other friends have a passion for sports. Others a passion to stop criminals. (I find it humorous that often my friends that are passionate to stop injustice and my friends with a passion to stop crime are on opposite sides of the fence.)

In these examples we see two level or two areas where passion is focused.

The 1st area is the level of the mind (thinking and feeling) and the second level is that of behavior (the physical or the body). The learning and creativity friends are focused on the level of the mind. The others are focused on the level of another’s behavior.

There are multiple other things that can be derived from these focuses as well. Whether or not there is a fear base or a love base. A focus on physical as better than or more valuable  than mental/emotional/spiritual rather than equal or connected. Whether they are self-focused or other focused.

The thing these passions have in common is the end results is that if these passions are realized then the individual with the passion will feel better, whether we call that joy or happy or safety if these passions are met certain people will feel better.

Passion Level Challenges

Where the challenge comes in is that feeling better is a matter of the mind where the body follows; not a function of the body that the mind follows. Feeling better by whatever passion level to be sustained is a mental process that leads to physical expression. That may account for more breakthroughs in the area of learning and creativity than in the other areas that depend on other people lining up with certain views/policies/beliefs/etc.

Having a passion that allows you to influence how someone, including yourself, uses their mind seems to not only give more freedom to both the passionate and the receiver of that passion it automatically effects the behavior. Where those who’s passion is about other people changing their behavior seems to have no happiness, joy, safety or satisfaction on either side. At least the level of frustration is much higher for those who’s passion is focused on changing other’s behaviors so everyone feels better.

For most of my adult career my passion has centered around the Belief level working with the mind and the subconscious or the unconscious mind. Instead of working on the content or context  (why and whom) aspects of the mind the focus was more on the structure and process (what and how) the mind does what it does that results in belief, emotions and behaviors. Later in my adult life the energy model was added into the mix.

The Energy Model

Within the last year my passion has shifted and brought some new discoveries, process and programs into being. It is kinda weird how passion is flowing now.

There has ALWAYS been a spiritual (not a religious) bent to the work and it has always focused on making changes to the deepest levels of structure so that change is quick, easy and effortless. That is why instead of looking for people to change a belief or two I looked for students who wanted to change core beliefs which effects all the other beliefs. Or programs like HeartSpace™ that is one of the most amazing processes I know. And for those who were looking for healing there are programs offered on learning to become a healer of self and others.

Does Your Passion Carry or Push You?

All of these work on the level of belief and passion focused in that area can be useful, enjoyable and fun. And I’m not sure what label you would put on it, or call it… Call it Grace or Love or Spirit, whatever …passion is flowing in a new direction on a new level and it is totally carrying me with zero push. In fact often there is no constricted sense of self, no separate me. This concept is difficult to explain and only fully understood from the experience.

In this new direction there is no duality except that there is. There is only Oneness and everything is connected as one. This is not a mental concept as the mind has a hard time getting it. However, the experience of it is deeply felt and there is nowhere you can turn that love and grace are not in this beingness.

It is first and foremost an experiential experience and secondary to that, it has a mental understanding.

The level where passion is flowing at present is the level of Identity and probably not what you think of as ‘Identity”. This area, for lack of a better word or way of saying it is on the border.

It is borderline in that it focuses on shifting one’s identity from that of a human or a spirit having a human experience to the identity of “Divine Human”, not a human with divinity but divinity with humanness. It is a totally different experience than anything I am aware of and I’ve researched a lot of stuff.

Now the borderline spoken of… is between being “Divine Human” and “Nothingness being everything”, which is a different experience than “Divine Human”.

The reason I say where passion is flowing is on the borderline is that in the experience of “Divine Human” there is still a sense (lite sense fading in and out) of an individual self. In the experience of “Nothing being everything” there is no one there to have the experience. The experience is just happening to no one. And we are back to the similarities of dreaming, lucid dreaming and neurons firing.

Since there is no one in “nothing being everything”, no sense of a separate self, it is not an experience I or anyone can lead you to or through. In the lucid part of living (Lucid Living™ instead of lucid dreaming) I can definitely help you have the life changing experience of the Identity of “Divine Human”. And many who have been there have had their sense of themselves disappear into nothingness and it showing up as everything.

The passion to help self and others wake up to whatever place or level they want flows steady, strong with the knowing that all is well and everything is as it should be.

So if you would like passion, your passion to carry you in a new way and in a way that fills you with joy and bliss.. please contact me and fill one of our two current openings for One-on-One Oneness Training™ now.


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