Does Self Help Need Help

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on January 9,


This weekend I was helping out and supporting one of the people that I mentor over at a local health fair. I sent out a Facebook message to all of the people I am friends with in the Houston area since that is where the event was taking place. And some people were kind enough to stop by and say hello, which I greatly appreciate. As I was talking with folks people kept wanting to know what system we were using.

And as I thought about it I realized one of the major reasons people could use help for self help. People often fall prey to the same thing those in the self help profession get tripped up with. The thinking that a particular style, a specific discipline is the answer to their problem. I can understand this and I realized it is often part of the block to getting what you want.

As I explained to the people that asked about what system were we using I explained that with learning over 30 different modalities I didn’t know exactly which system we would use because we want to get results  and what you want determine which system we wind up using.

I’ve been in the self help and transformation business for over 25 years and the more I help people the more I realize that it all comes down to one thing. It doesn’t matter about the way you choose to get the change you want and the reason people want to know what system you are going to use is because of this basic thing.

Does Self Help Need Help


Often self help needs a little help so here is some self help for self help. No matter what you want self help for you still need a little more help and we address that problem right here. It sounds kinda funny but when you think about it if you didn’t need to help yourself, if there wasn’t something missing there would be no need for self help.

No matter what form of self help you are looking for there will always be one thing missing.

If you are looking for self help for finances or self help for women or  help for troubled teenagers or anger management self help or relationship help or self help for health, no matter if you find it you will still be the victim of the major problem of self help .

Whether you choose to use some of the cutting edge personal development tools like NLP, Self-Hypnosis, Self-Talk, or energy psychology self help tools like Psych-K, EFT, TFT, Emotrance, Energy Medicine or Self Healing modalities they all have the same problem that has to be overcome so that self help will work for you.

It doesn’t matter what you want help with depression, panic attacks, ocd, anxiety, self esteem, stress, depression they all come to the same point of contention.

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Exercise Less, Not More!
by Jon Benson

If I had to pick out the number one reason most people fail to achieve good results in the gym, guess what it would be?

Over-training. Exercising too much.

Sounds counter-intuitive, but trust me: It’s quite real.

Folks write to me all the time and say…

“Jon, I don’t get it. I cannot lose bodyfat and I’m running six days a week for an hour and training in the gym five days a week for 45 minutes!”

My answer back is usually:

“You are training 4x more than me, and I’m a fitness pro!”

Look, do you take 21 aspirin for a headache, thinking the more you take the faster your pain will go away?


So why apply the same logic to fitness? Only a certain amount is required. Beyond that, you are spinning your wheels.

When I wrote 7 Minute Muscle (available here: I exposed all the lies about training too long and why this is not the best way to achieve the results you want. Check it out if you want the facts.
One more thing:  75% of your progress will come in the kitchen, not in the gym or on the treadmill.

As for me, I would much rather eat smart and train less than train all the time and be forced to eat 6-8 times a day just to recover from it all.

That makes no sense to me at all.

You? <— Less Is More!
Jon Benson
Best-selling Author


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