Do We Live By Smoke And Mirrors?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on August 1,


What would it be like to walk into your bathroom and as you looked in your mirror, you saw the reflection of you looking in a mirror?

Now what would happen if you could give the reflection of you in the mirror a sense of individual self? And what if the reflection in the mirror was looking at his/her reflection in a mirror covered in different shades of smoky purple circles? What would your reflected reflection look like with different shades of purple smoky circles?

The Actual YOU would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything is fine.

On the other hand, the reflection of you, with a sense of individuality may or may not know everything is fine. At first the seemingly real you (the reflection with a sense of self) may attempt to clean the mirror so as to get a clearer look at him/herself. And an interesting thing happens for some weird unknown reason the different shades of purple circles shift and change to different shades and positions from time to time.

Now the reflection of you with the sense of individuality unknowingly begins the process of getting clear, because this mirror is a special magical mirror. It is just like every other mirror in the world except, it shows one thing that all other mirrors do not show. And this unique mirror happens to naturally display all your BS. However, this reflection of you with a sense of individuality doesn’t realize it is all made up BS and if (s)he does get a clue instead of BS (s)he calls it Belief System. You see that reflection of you thinks there are things that are real and things that are not real in their experience.

In fact that reflection of you knows this is true because(s)he dreams, dreams and in the dreams that reflection of you experiences him/herself as many, many different characters and feels as if there are really other people in the dream besides only the reflection of you. When your reflection wakes up from the dream, (s)he knows it was a dream and yet while having the dream, (s)he thought everything and everyone in the dream was real. You think it is really reality when you are in a dream or else you would know it wasn’t real. Like going to the theater and watching a movie you get caught up in.

In fact the reflection of you thinks the imaginary dream has meaning so (s)he goes and  finds the friends that were in the made up dream inside your imaginary reflection of a head and tell them about it and discuss what it means and sometimes even adjust the life (s)he is living. (Remember, this is ALL going on in the mirror as you look at the reflection of you with a sense of individuality.)

One of the fascinating things that the reflection of you enjoys is that in the dream, things happen and you can do things that you can’t normally do when you are not dreaming.  And from time to time the reflection of you wishes (s)he could do some of the things (s)he seems to do in the dream.

What the reflected you is not aware of is that the usually unseen purple smoky circles are creating his/her reality and one of the smoky purple circles says there is one reality and it is true and other things are not true.

So the question for you to consider and play with from curiosity is…

Are you experiencing life as the Actual You looking in the mirror or are you experiencing life as the reflection with a sense of individual self looking in a mirror? There are ways to do both.

There are way more depths to play with in this analogy and we have all the time in the world so for now consider the above question.

To give you a little better handle on the looking in the mirror metaphor The Actual You looking in the mirror is your Infinite Inner Self, the reflection of you with a sense of self is the Outer You that you think you are. And the final you the reflected you is seeing in the mirror is the rest of the world as separate from you created by the smoky purple colors (BS-Belief System).

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –

P.S. Please let us know your thoughts or let us know your Belief Systems by leaving a comment.



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