Congressman Tim Ryan, Meditation And A Raisin

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OK, I bet you’re wondering what Congressman Tim Ryan, meditation and a raisin have to do with each other, well what if I told you  Congressman Ryan encourages you to mediate and one of the things he suggest you mediate on is a raisin, not raisins but one single raisin.

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, conservative or a liberal I suspect everyone believes politics could benefit from a little quite time… YES?

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Congressman Tim Ryan, Meditation And A Raisin

WASHINGTON, D.C. — This is a pop quiz. Who declared the following?

a) “We have to become kinder, for the sake of our own survival.”

b) “Have you ever just looked at one raisin?”

c) “Don’t judge. Let it go.”

d) “By training our children in methods for returning to the natural focus we find in the present, we teach them how to help their conscious mind override their unconscious mind.”

You might guess the Dali Lama or, perhaps, Dennis Kucinich. The correct answer, however, is a six-foot-four, 220-pound congressman with the build of an athlete, from a district built on steel, coal and grit. His mop-wig predecessor in Congress, Jim Traficant, had a trademark phrase (borrowed from Star Trek): “Beam me up.” Tim Ryan, however, these days is given to phrases like this:

“Happiness is found by deeply experiencing the exact moment we are in.”

The Democratic congressman from the Youngstown area, in Washington 10 years now, has become mindful, or at least is working toward it. He’s also become one of its leading advocates. Mindfulness is a term used to describe the result of meditation that slows one’s breathing and heart rate and, practitioners say, relaxes the mind and reduces stress.

Though mindfulness has roots in Buddhism, Ryan is a Roman Catholic who says he merely uses the technique to clear the mind, calm the soul and remove external noise and distractions. It’s little different from what his grandmother did when praying the rosary or what athletes do when they get in “the zone,” he said.

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Most of our readers are familiar with and some practice some form of meditation. We even wrote a free gift of a Chakra meditationa few issues back. We also wrote an article for HolisticHealth entitled Meditation Techniques – Zen In 30 Seconds.

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