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by Houston Vetter - DocResults on December 8,


Christmas is a time of giving so for the next 5 days we are going to offer a Christmas Sale $100 off two of our best programs. That’s $200 savings for you.

Why are we offering $100 off these two particular programs during the holiday season?

Because getting and using these programs will get you healthy and keep you healthy. Healthy means energized, ready and able to enjoy life. Not only will these programs get you healthy, they will get you happy as well.

The first program we are offering you may think that’s not me, why would Doc offer the Healers Training to me? I’m not a healer and I’m not really all that interested in becoming a healer. That’s a fair response and the reason we are offering this to you with the $100 savings is not so that you can become a healer, even though you can use this program in that way, but so you can heal yourself and save money from having to go to the doctor as often.

Imagine all the money you could saving on doctors and medications. If you were able to cut in half the amount of money you spend on doctors visits and prescription drugs that would be a good thing right? Use the doctor when you really, really need to but first use this program so you may not have to. Also where else besides you and your family’s physical health could use healing?

Get $100 Off our Basic Self Healing Package

What aspect of your life do you want to heal first?

  • Money/Finances
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Age/Future
  • Occupation/Career
  • Life Purpose

Which part of your body would you like to regenerate, renew and add more youth and vitality too?

  • Skin
  • Teeth
  • Organs (kidney, liver, gall bladder, sexual, etc.)
  • Glands (adrenal, thyroid, pancreases, ovaries, etc.)

What area could you use the most transformation?

  • The way you feel
  • The way you look
  • The way you handle money
  • Relating with people you love
  • Relating with people at work
  • Your mental attitude

You can do it all and save $100 at the same time Basic Self Healing Package

The 2nd $100 Off program we have for you is not only my favorite program, it is also the most valuable. This is the Self Worth Program and if you have ever had a problem with self esteem you want this training. Everything and I mean everything you experience is based through your self esteem and self worth.

  • Your self-worth determines everything in your life.
  • It determines how happy you are,
  • it determines how healthy you are,
  • it determines how much money you make, save and spend.
  • What you are worth is the most important thing in your life?

The Self Worth Program will help you…

  • Make More Money
  • Have Better Relationships
  • Have More Clarity
  • Get More Done In Less Time
  • Succeed More Than Fail
  • Enjoy Life More
  • Things Go Your Way
  • Get A Better Job
  • Work Is Easier And More Enjoyable
  • Get Luckier
  • Get Healthier
  • Get More Friends That Believe In You
  • Get More support

Not only do you get $100 off the Self Worth Program you also get to align your core beliefs with this program and more.

There you have it a Christmas Sale $100 off discounts on our two best programs that will get you what you want and make you happier.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –
P.S. Get your $100 off right now because in a few days the price goes back up. Basic Self Healing Package and Self Worth Program

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