Can You Keep A Secret?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on July 21,


Over the weekend I spent some time with a little over 100 people at an event called Unseminar 9. It was the last, last Unseminar until next year. The reason I wanted to tell you about it is to let you in on as many of the secrets as I can remember. There were many revealed at this gathering. These secrets were not just about how to build an internet business and that is the first secret one realizes after being at an event like this.

The level of connection, closeness and companionship that developed as a results of the secrets I’m about to reveal was amazing.

This get together was unique for people interested in building and growing a business on the internet. One of the first things that was different is most seminars of this type have speakers. The funny thing is the speakers don’t mingle with the audience very much. However, at Unseminars that is not the case.

Pat O’Bryan put together some of the best speakers on the planet. By that I mean they not only talk the talk, they walk the walk. They make good money doing what they teach, not just teaching. Wonderful teachers like Joe Vitale, Marlon Sanders, Connie Ragen Green, Tony Laidig, Wendi Friesen, Eric Douglass, Martha Giffen, Geoff Hoff, Lawrence Ball and Chuck Pennington. Not to mention the wealth of knowledge and the “servants heart” that came from behind the scene, Craig and Betsy and Pat and every one of the participants in the unseminar.

Instead of the speakers doing their presentations and selling their products they actually hung out after the days activities and showed genuine care for the people who where there. Watching Marlon Sanders having a blast reading people’s palms was hilarious. Seeing Lawrence Ball (a serious professional) present wearing the Magician’s outfit that Mickey Mouse wore in the movie Fantasia was more than priceless.

I don’t know if you have ever been to a workshop or seminar where multiple speakers were promoting their products or not. But this one was different. These speakers gave doable information right from the stage and continued all through the lunch and dinner breaks and even afterwards as people were sitting around having a good time. They continued to be accessible, helpful and giving.

I would say the major reason behind all this is this seminar not only focused on “what” and “how” to do something, which we call the outer game. It focused equally on the “why” side of the coin or what we call the inner game.

Many, many business or marketing seminars I’ve attended have given lip service to the inner game. Never really dealing with it and moving on to the outer game as quickly as possible. At Unseminar that did not take place. Here there was a very good balance of both with emphasis on the inner game.

The beauty of this is there where numerous experts there from finances to fitness to working moms and many of them agreed to be on our expert panel and provide useable information for each of us. I am so very excited to welcome them on board and over the next month or so I look forward to introducing them and how they can help you in your balanced living experience.

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter –

P.S. The secret reason I have the cover of Sacred Cows Dancing Volume #1 Financial Enlightenment For Today at the top of this article is I got the final proof of the book this weekend and hopefully very soon we will have your FREE copy available.


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