Can Healing Do More Harm Than Good?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on September 19,


Someone on a message board that I am on asked can there be a time when healing does more harm than good.

As I got to thinking about it I realized there were multiple answers depending on where one was coming from.

First no one asked the author the questions what do you mean by healing and what do you mean by ‘more harm than good’? No one asked ‘more harm than good’ according to whom? Everyone just started giving their opinion from how they perceived and where they stood?

What showed up for me was…

I don’t know which level to respond to this question on. The dualistic level or the oneness level.

The dualistic level assumes (believes, has the BS-Belief System) that there is a right and wrong and such a thing as harm and good. From a dualistic level there is cause and effect. And that what is seen is what is real.

While the oneness level (or non-duality) sees no right/wrong, harm/good cause/effect, has no judgment of good/bad, right/wrong (has no real BS-Belief System) only accepts what is as what is and calibrates what it would like to experience and allows it to show up.

The modality we are discussing here per se does not deal with cause/effect so much as possibility and getting the you, you think is responsible out of the way.

From a dualistic pov there are things that are true and things that are false. From a oneness pov EVERYTHING that a dualistic pov perceives is totally false and totally true at the same time. There is no judgment so there can be no right and wrong from a oneness pov.

From a dualistic pov healing has a meaning from a oneness pov it really has no meaning as what is is perfect and what is not is perfect as well and whatever is present is perfect without any resistance.

From a chaos theory pov disorder always reforms into higher order, whether it is helped along the way or not.

A dualistic pov might think people are here to learn lessons or to deal with karma or some other form of cause and effect BS-Belief System.

IN the dream of duality I am whatever the created separate other (person-you) requires me to be. Healer, Teacher, good guy, bad guy, dunce, clueless, wise man, fool, hater, lover, etc…

A oneness pov would realize duality is the dream with seemingly separate people that ALL disappear when one awakens and the questions that were so important in the dream no longer hold any meaning, weight or value as there is no separate people to learn or judge or anything, only this which is.

Then one from the oneness pov could do what people in duality do when they dream and know they are dreaming (lucid dreaming). But for oneness it is no longer lucid dreaming, it is lucid living.

In the discussion someone brought up is it ethical and here is what I responded…

Here is something for the dualistic concept of ethical.

IF you take credit for changing something that later you perceive as bad, should you have the responsibility to change it back to the suffering or pain that was before or is that unethical?

And if you can’t change it back then were you taking credit for something that you actually had no control over? How ethical is that?

IF Darth Vader kills the emperor to save his son Luke Skywalker does that have ANY ethical effect on the actors who played the characters? Are the actors concerned with ethics or in following the script they have been given? And if they improvise the script are they being unethical?

Then I went a little deeper…

In the game of duality there is client and me and there is healing and healer and healed.

What we often forget is that it really just a made up game. And the rules we are using in this made up game are that also… made up.

What would it be like to sit with who you really are and get to know the real you? The infinitely powerful you. The infinitely abundant you. The snap your fingers and it is done, you?

Once you get a little bit comfortable with who you really are, infinite power, then the concern over the finite labels others, and from time to time you, apply will not be of much concern, nor interesting. They will be humorous though.

You are both finite and infinite, you are overly aware of the finite you, isn’t it time you got to know the infinite you just a little bit? Once you do your whole world will change, as it can be no other way.

From a oneness pov there is no need of healing period as there is only nothingness. There is no you, no individual as for there to be an individual you, there would have to be something that is not you. And that would not be oneness that would be duality.

Thinking that everyone exists for the purpose of my development is still dualistic thinking unless everything and everyone feels like the extension of you… as you consider your hand the extension of your arm, the extension of your body, the extension of you. Most people’s concept of a higher self is also dualistic as high self is a concept and not actual experience.

In Oneness there is no such thing as free will as there is nothing other than one and nothing to choose from. For to choose there must be two (duality) not one.

From duality what most think is free will is actually patterned responses.

Getting disease, not getting disease, getting well, not getting well, I have free will etc is dream talk (dualism) as we get to know (not mentally consider) who we really are all this shifts.

All of it disease, healing, free will, etc are all elaborate game sets we set up to convince ourselves that we are only finite. Now might be a useful time to get to know the infinite that you really are, not mentally, but on the experiential level as then you might perceive a free will choice or not to play a new game with new rules (which you will make up just like we did for duality).

What if you are here not to learn lessons or anything of the sort what if you are here to experience your infiniteness in finiteness? To experience oneness there must be duality for without it there would be no experiencing. Experiencing is the comparing of experiences through the senses.

If none of this makes sense to you that is quite OK. However if you have a problem or challenge that you would like to resolve or heal so that you can feel better it doesn’t matter if you understand all this mental knowledge, what matters is you getting the results you want and that is what we do.

I hope this little post can give you something to contemplate about who you really are and cause you to really want to get to know experientially  the infinite aspect of who you are and then learn how to use your infiniteness in your finiteness.



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Georgi Stanev February 8, 2012 at 2:43 am

Since there was a comment in my blog pointing to this page with no name or e-mail address, I am leaving my response here.
First and above all it is all about God and Love and we need to learn that.
Fortunately we have source about God and Love on this planet

There you can find full answer to the above topic or if you open yourself for God you may get the answer from there.

all the best


Houston Vetter - DocResults February 9, 2012 at 4:04 pm

A lot of people will tell you what you need, i.e. open yourself for God/Love/the universe/spirit, etc. and a few tell you about some of the old ways to go about that and yet very few show you any quick, easy and natural ways of how to actually do it from the comfort of your home and learn how to do it in less time than it takes to get a good nights sleep.
To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter


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