Bringing Your Spouse to the Office Party – Is It a Smart Move?

by Guest Author on April 25,


The annual office party is here again, and everyone is invited for a night of food, drinks, and fun. You can even bring a guest. Traditionally, you’ll bring along your spouse, and so will everyone else. You’ll introduce them to your coworkers and your boss, and you’ll enjoy a night out as a couple. Hopefully it will be an enjoyable night, anyway. It isn’t always. Sometimes bringing your spouse to your office party is a bad decision. If you’re considering bringing your spouse to your office party this year, how can you tell if it’s a smart move or not?

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Mixing Work Life with Home Life

The office party is a time when everyone can let loose. If you bring your spouse, it’s a time for you to mix your work life and home life for one evening. Most of the time we do our best to keep our work lives and home lives separate. We don’t want to be bothered with work while we’re at home, and vice versa. So why do we bring our spouses to office parties? This can create a bridge between work and home life, and you should think carefully before you do that. Sometimes it’s just better to keep them separate.

Introducing Your Spouse

One of the reasons you might bring your spouse to the office party is so that they and your coworkers or boss can meet each other. Hopefully, you are proud of your spouse and know they’ll make a good impression. If you’re worried that they would embarrass you, it’s better to leave them home. On the other hand, you might be more worried about your coworkers. Would they be respectful to your spouse? If you’re at all nervous about how the interaction would go, reconsider bringing your spouse. If something goes badly, it could have consequences for you that extend far beyond one evening.

Enjoying the Party

When you bring along your spouse, you’re responsible for them for the evening. You have to spend time with them and make sure they’re enjoying themselves. It can be a lot harder to just let loose and have fun with coworkers when your spouse is around. If you think having your spouse at the party will make it less enjoyable for you, maybe you should go alone. But sometimes office parties are really boring, and bringing your spouse might help make it tolerable.

Making a Decision

The truth is that office parties are often quite political. It’s a time to schmooze with your coworkers and boss, and you have to be very conscious about the image you portray at the party. You have to concentrate on making the right impression. Be honest with yourself and your spouse. If your spouse will help you be on your “A” game, bring them. If you think they could interfere in any way with your abilities to make the most of the office party, leave them at home. You’d be surprised – lots of spouses would rather stay home anyway.

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