[VIDEO] Beyond Beliefs: Better Than Eliminating Limiting Beliefs and Removing Block

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on May 16,


When we move beyond beliefs as a leverage point to get what we want, we wind up in the area of personal identity.

In this short 11 minute video Dr. Vetter explains how your identity determines your beliefs and they determine your behaviors and those determine what you get out of life, success or not.

Beyond Beliefs: Better Than Eliminating Limiting Beliefs and Removing Block

Limiting beliefs come from a limited identity. Limiting beliefs create emotional energetic blocks that have to be removed.

Your level of liberation is based on your belief systems. Specifically what you believe about yourself. There is a deeper or higher level of liberation that you probably are not aware of.

The reason fear is even a problem for anyone is on an identity level people believe and experience themselves as ONLY human.

Yes I know some people say and give mental assent that they are divine or spiritual beings having a human experience. However those are only words and not their identity.

If Divine human were your identity do you realize how much different your life and your experience would be?

A human does not have experiences or beliefs of a cow, dog or chicken because they do not have the identity of those animals. A cow, dog or chicken does not have the experiences or beliefs of a human.

A stage hypnotist gets the right response when he tells the subject you are a chicken or you are a dog. Then the subject acts and clucks or barks like a chicken or a dog.

If the stage hypnotist says cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog the subject clucks or barks but their mannerisms are not that of a chicken or dog unless they are told you are a chicken (dog). The subjects are not told to believe they are a chicken/dog, they are not told to act like a chicken/dog, they are told they are a chicken/dog. It is the difference between belief and identity. Identity is a knowing so much deeper than a belief.

Identity has the most leverage for you to really truly be, do and have everything in the world.

To help you get to the place where you are ready to make the identity shift we have the “Your Real Identity Program”



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