Are You Doing It Right or Backwards?

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on February 13,


How do you know the answer to the question are you doing it right or backwards? You know it by what is showing up in your life. Is you life difficult or easy? Are there more problems than pleasure? Are you getting what you want out of life or are you struggling to get by? Are you putting on a front and if others really knew what was going on with you it would be a disaster? Are you like Mary?

Mary is an attractive beautiful person. At least that’s what everybody thinks when they see her. Her clothes are perfectly matched with the right accessories. The perfect belt for the outfit and earrings that draw the right amount of attention to her perfectly done hair and her features with just the right amount of makeup, not to much but just enough to keep you interested. She wears her clothes is a way that hides what needs to be hidden and actuates what needs being seen.

She is always smiling, the life of the party and usually in charge. Making the arrangements and putting everything in it’s proper place. Probably a good way to describe her is Bree on the TV show “Desperate Housewives”.

And like Bree she tries really, really hard and thinks she is doing it right when in actuality she is doing it backwards.

While everyone admires her and what she has and many ladies wish they could be like her, like Bree she can’t keep everything going. Mary is like the old juggler on the Ed Sullivan Show who would spin 10 plates on the top of five foot poles lined up in a row. The juggler would run from pole to pole spinning the plate by moving the pole around.

The thing is the different plates weren’t all spinning at the same speed. One would get real slow and the juggler would run over and get it spinning fast again then number 5 would slow down and and then number 9 and then number 2 and then number 10, then 8. And as soon as he got one spinning fast he had to run to another and then another and then another.

It was always fascinating to watch how him work so hard and just barely make it. It was always entertaining for the audience and very tiring for the juggler.

Mary puts on a good show but after the show is over and even during the show if you know what to look for she is worn out with fear and worry about what others think of her. Will they think I’m good enough? I have to be perfect. If I’m perfect that means they will like me and that means I’m good enough.

If I have my hair perfect and my clothes perfect and my husband perfect and my kids perfect then everyone will like me because I’m perfect and there is nothing to not like about perfect. In Mary’s world being perfect, taking care of everything and everyone equals being liked which equates to safety and security for Mary.

Like Mary are you doing it right or backwards?  Mary wants to be safe and secure so she does things that she believes will allow her to have safety and security and yet it backfires. Why?

Because she is doing it backwards. She has grown up thinking if I have these things, perfect _____(whatever), then I will be loved and that will make me safe and secure.

If she were to reverse the process and feel safe and secure she would be safe and secure and loved regardless of what she did or had. In fact if she would be _____ (safe, secure, love) then she would naturally do things that a safe, secure loved person does and she would have what she wants with out juggling some many different things trying to keep everything going.

It’s not Have-Do-Be it’s Be-Do-Have or be-do-be-d0-be-dooo!

To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter

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LinkedIn for Business

 Are you serious about your business?  If so then you cannot ignore LinkedIn.  But few people have any idea how to take advantage of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the best places in the world to get known, to build your reputation and your brand and get connected with the movers and shakers in your industry. If you already are one of those movers and shakers then get connected and share your wisdom.  The rewards will be enormous.

Social Media platforms have really changed the media universe and the way we must now do business.  No longer do we just tell people what we think they want to hear, and hope we get it right so they will buy what we are selling.  Now we exchange ideas and the better you can listen to your clients and potential clients and the more you make them like you and engage with you the better your business will be.

So on LinkedIn how can we accomplish this?  Well first there are the keywords.  You must know what it is that you do and you must know how you are perceived by people, your clients and your potential clients.

So let’s say your clients come to you when their lives are not working and they are not getting the results they want and you start off by helping them clear the clutter of their thoughts, their business and/or work environments and their homes.  So “clear the clutter” would likely be a keyword as would, clear your thoughts, or clear your thinking or clear your mind.  I am sure if this is your schtick you have lots more great keywords but for LinkedIn you want 3-5 good keywords and ones where you might not get too much competition.

So for example I want to be known on LinkedIn for social media but I focus on social media results rather than social media manager or social media strategist as I think my clients are more interested in results than in whether I consider myself a good strategist or manager.

So completing your profile can be a little bit strange as you use words that people might not use on a resume, but I know that people on LinkedIn will search “social media results” and because of the way their algorhythms work I will turn up.

One of the things you really want to focus on with LinkedIn is your headline


You can see that I want you to know that I am concerned with results and that social media must be used strategically and not just willy nilly to produce those results.

Be sure your profile picture is one that says you’re about business and not just showing you on a beach or by a pool.  And be sure that you do have a picture of yourself on your profile.  If it is a business, and not a personal business or not a personal LinkedIn profile than you can have the logo or a pictures of the buisness location or an inside shot of the business if that is appropriate.

Be sure that your Summary tells people what it is that you want them to know about you and again consider your keywords.

Have some recommendations up there.  This is a fantastic part of LinkedIn as they encourage members of LinkedIn to recommend one another.  This makes the testimonial much more trustworthy as you can go and see the profile of the person giving the testimonial.  Who are they and why should their recommendation count.

We’ll talk much more about LinkedIn as we will about other social media platforms but LinkedIn and Facebook are certainly two very important platforms and you want to maximize your profile on each one of them.  But LinkedIn almost more than anything else is the platform to go to when you want business.

Come see me on LinkedIn and let’s chat.  Let me know how I can help you improve your LinkedIn profile.



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