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Are you a hoarder? Your crush gave you a candy, and because you like him so much, you had to save the wrapper. It is your wedding, so to remember the event more, you had to save the gift wrappers, too. You liked the freebies that fast-food restaurants give, and because you loved the little knickknacks, you had to collect them all. Before you know it, you are saving every little thing that you put a sentimental value on. The sad thing is, your palpable happy memories are now taking over your home and cluttering up all the available space. The question is, where will your penchant for collecting them stop? Moreover, how can you stop the habit of collecting basically useless things and start getting rid of some of them?

Understanding Why You are Saving Them

Before you can get rid of them, you first have to understand why you are saving them in the first place. Is it because of the memories they bring? Or is it because you think you might need them someday?

Our memories will always be a part of our life, and nothing can take it away from us. You do not need physical evidence of it. If it was important for you, you are going to remember it. If you are keeping the candy wrapper simply because you do not want to lose the past, then you are guided by fear. However, if you realize that you keep the memories alive in your heart and mind, then there is no need to keep tangible proof of it.

As for saving knickknacks for when you are going to use it, think of this. Are you using it on a regular basis? When was the last time you used it? If you are not using it on a daily basis and if the last time you used it was two years ago, then it means that you really do not have any need for it, so why keep it, right? If a time comes that it will be useful for you, know that it will probably be available again.

Stop Hoarding

Getting rid of barely-useful things is difficult, but it can be done. Below are two tips to curb your hoarding habit.

  • Trust yourself that your memories will always stay with you, unless you develop an illness that affects the brain such as Alzheimer’s disease. If you need to remember someone or an occasion, you only have to recall them.
  • Do not personify things. You have to stop thinking that just because your car has served you well for many years, it deserves to be cherished and loved. If your car is no longer working, then it means that it has already served its purpose. Do not be weighed down by its sentimental value and its supposed purpose in your life. Believe instead that it has a purpose elsewhere; to be recycled, for example, into more useful things.

A Safe Place

You have to get rid of useless things, but for things that you just cannot let go and are only cluttering up your home, know that there is a safe place for them such as a self storage facility.

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