Anxiety, Stress And You

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on November 18,


Anxiety, Stress And YouWhat do you want to know about anxiety, stress and you? I was just reading the other day that anxiety disorders was the most common type of mental illness in Australia, effecting over 2 million people. The funny thought came, good thing I don’t live in Australia. And yet the truth of the matter anxiety and stress are  a problem no matter where you live as it doesn’t effect countries, it effects people.

As a good example, just recently in the U.S., there was Hurricane Sandy and if you weren’t anxious when you first found out about it, you were by the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc of continuous coverage on TV, radio and print media. Even if you didn’t live in the path of the storm the continued bring of your focus of attention to the news about Sandy triggers and raises your level of stress and anxiety because one of the forgotten fundamentals of life is that…

Energy flows, builds, charges, and strengthens where attention goes.

Another great example of how easily anxiety and stress can sneak up on you is political elections. The last one in the U.S. was brutal to say the least. Pitting friends, strangers and family members against each other in a very divisive manor.

Anxiety, Stress And You reports:

28% of Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder, which manifests when a person feels fear without any certain or immediate external threat.  In addition to fearing illness and death, we’re also afraid of public speaking, heights, going out in public, needles, and spiders. In fact, a 1986 study by the National Institute of Mental Health showed that 5%- 12% of people surveyed have experienced phobias in the past six months. There are as many as 530 documented phobias, and studies estimate that 24 million Americans will experience phobias in their lifetimes. Some even suffer from phobophobia, the fear of phobias!

But the irony is that fear and anxiety have been scientifically proven to harm your health, putting you at risk of everything from heart disease to cancer to the common cold.

On top of that, when you’re afraid of getting sick or missing a diagnosis, you’re likely to put yourself at risk of over diagnosis and over treatment, has been documented to lead to health risks. As it turns out, fear and anxiety make you sick, and courage heals. So what can you do to minimize fear and anxiety about illness and embrace courage instead?

Click here to read more about anxiety, stress and youAnxiety and stress effects everyone in some form or fashion. Famous people like model Kate Moss have been in the news recently as suffering a breakdown brought on by anxiety. The “Octomom” Nadya Suleman recently checked herself into the hospital for the same reason.
No one likes to be upset…

“What causes upset is anxiety, and anxiety is caused by not knowing.”

According to

Parents with social anxiety disorder are more likely than parents with other forms of anxiety to engage in behaviors that put their children at high risk for developing angst of their own, according to a small study of parent-child pairs conducted at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Authors of the federally funded study say past research has linked parental anxiety to anxiety in children, but it remained unclear whether people with certain anxiety disorders engaged more often in anxiety-provoking behaviors. Based on the new study findings, they do. A report on the team’s findings appears online ahead of print in the journal Child Psychiatry and Human Development.

Click here to read more about passing anxiety to your children.
And a big stressor and cause of anxiety is the holidays. No wonder people greet each other with the phrase “Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas”. The pressure and stress of the holidays can be so unbearable that anxiety and stress lead to a high rate of depression. And then some of us add more stress to that time of year if someone says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas as they want to make sure Christ isn’t taken out of Christmas and as my Grampa Vetter would say, “Jesus CHRIST… Happy Holidays for Christ’ sake.” So we played the game when someone said Happy Holidays we’d add for fun “for CHRIST’ sake”.

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Yes and we are coming upon, well it is actually here… the holiday season (for CHRIST’ sake). 🙂 So be on the look out for a very, very special Black Friday thru Cyber Monday special coming in the next few days that will solve the problem of anxiety, stress and you.

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Jeffrey November 20, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Many find the simple practice of mindfulness, detached awareness, laughter, not taking yourself so seriously, and other strategies helpful for releasing stress and anxiety when it begins to mount. Even breath alone can help bring you into a more balanced state of awareness.

Of course, some types of anxiety, phobia, panic, or PTSD require therapeutic help to release and can be a difficult climb up the mountain, but not impossible. Awareness is the first step and I think you did a nice job in your post of bringing awareness to this topic.


Houston Vetter - DocResults November 20, 2012 at 3:17 pm

Thanks for the good words and tomorrow I am releasing something that will keep people from requiring therapeutic help for anxiety, stress, phobias, panic and PTSD.
To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – DocResults


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