Anxiety and Positive or Negative Thinking

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on December 16,


Anxiety and Positive or Negative ThinkingIt is time to forget positive and negative thinking. After you read anxiety and positive or negative thinking you may positively agree or negatively not. I just saw a picture on Facebook that said, “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are you would never think a negative thought again.” I thought what an insidious bind that puts people in.

On one hand, it sounds nice and could encourage someone but the constant striving to ONLY think positive thoughts in a universe that contain both positive and negative, i.e. yin and yang, or in modern terms, “waiting for the other foot to drop”… creates more stress and anxiety as it creates a vicious cycle of judging your thoughts and judging yourself.

It also misses the most important thing and puts you at the mercy of your thinking.

Anxiety and Positive or Negative Thinking

Do I disagree that your thoughts are not powerful? NO

What I think most people miss and why the line is so insidious; they are YOUR thoughts and YOU are way more powerful than your thoughts.

If you realized how powerful you are positive and negative thinking would never be a problem for you ever again. When you realize that you have been infinite, eternal, unlimited, perfect, complete and Divine much longer than you’ve been finite, temporary, limited, imperfect, incomplete and human and that YOU STILL ARE it will make all the difference in the world.

First, the main reason positive or negative thoughts and thinking have any effect on you at all is because YOU, the POWERFUL YOU added the charge, i.e. the emotional charge that lets you know a thought is positive or negative. As you’ve probably heard me remind you before about the 1st Forgotten Fundamental of [an exquisite] Life… YOU are the Meaning Maker. You are the one who ADDS the meaning AND CHARGE to any thought.

What happens when an individual makes a meaning they also add the positive or negative spin (charge). This charge creates a misalignment between the meaning you have made and the essence of you. You are, at your core, unconditional love, you include everything without condition. When you add charge to meaning it moves out of alignment with unconditional love and it is accepted or rejected based on conditional love.

The way to remove the charge and align with unconditional love can be very simple. We have programs designed to get rid of the charge and misalignment between anxiety and positive or negative thinking. When you get neutral to all thoughts and thinking you have much more flexibility and options on how to live life.

Anxiety and positive or negative thinking are only a problem because of the identity that most people hold. Most people think and believe they are human and ONLY human. Even those who give mental assent to being a spirit having a human experience wind up living and reacting to life as if they are ONLY human. This may be true for you as well.

Instead of trying so hard to change your thinking why no focus on the place where you get maximum leverage over your beliefs, thoughts, and thinking. Where do you get maximum leverage? Identity! Shift your identity and ALL your beliefs change.

Think about it…

Because of one of the forgotten fundamentals of [an exquisite] life … energy flows, builds, charges and strengthens where attention goes is the reason you are experiencing life as only human. In other words, you have been focusing your thoughts and thinking on only 10% of who you really are. And not meaning to you have ignored 90% of who you really are.

When you take on your full identity it is like waking up from a dream, right inside the dream. If you were dreaming it would be called lucid dreaming and since you are not dreaming but living we call the process Lucid Living™.

Lucid Living™ is about moving your focus of attention from your human aspect (10%) and flowing the energy to your Divine aspect (90%). It is not about denying your humanness it is about including both your humanness and your divinity at the very same time so you operate out of a new identity.

When you realize who you really are anxiety and positive or negative thinking will never, ever be a problem again.

As this article makes sense share it with everyone. 🙂



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Lezlie Ely December 18, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Wow, or should I say POW! That just hit me right were it needed to. It’s funny when you study Self Development and LOA and such, even though you KNOW things, your Humaness often has you forgetting what you really are made of.
Thanks so much for this bit of Enlightenment : ) ~ Lezlie


walter March 1, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Hi, if you try to concentrate on spirit, it will again put a pressure on you. I will create more anxiety when you do the petty human things after you consider yourself a spiritual being. In my opinion the basic fundamental thing is to consider yourself as an animal. As animals don’t think you should try not to think anything. Except your limitations n try to live simple life.


Houston Vetter - DocResults March 1, 2013 at 6:11 pm

Thank you for your thoughts. I suspect it isn’t the thinking that creates the anxiety so much as it is the judging of what one is thinking as the judgment sets up the resistance. Also what if you considered yourself a spiritual being and an extension of the spiritualness is your humanness. When I look at a coin I see both the heads and the tales of the coin. If fact if I wasn’t able to accept both I would not be able to accept the coin.
To Your Best,
Dr. Vetter – DocResults


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