Another ‘Ask Doc Anything’ Sunday Night

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on October 10,


Yes it’s another ‘Ask Doc Anything’ Sunday Night coming up next Sunday, October the 18th at 8pm Central Standard Time.

We keep getting request to have another one and so many people were missing them that we’ve decided to hold another ‘Ask Doc Anything’ Sunday Night.

The last few times there wasn’t enough room on the call to get everyone in so we’ve set it up to be able to hold 1000 people on this tele-conference.

Of course you can ask any question(s) about spirituality, enlightenment, personal growth, inner game, success, healing, health, finances, relationships, etc. and with the success of Sacred Cows Dancing Volume #1 Financial Enlightenment For Today we may have a lot of questions about doing less and getting more.

As always you can ask your question live on the call and if you think you may miss the call you can ask your question ahead of time and will answer it on  the call. Then you can listen to the replay and hear your answer.

Here is an example of a question/comment and how Divinity answered the question through Doc…

This was in response to someone who had lost someone very close to them to cancer. And they were hurting very strongly and someone had encouraged them to get into HeartSpace™.

…the heart is where it hurts the most I laid in bed last night crying and playing how bout us have you all heard of grooveshark and imeem? plays any song free on internet


I hope this can help you…

Being in HeartSpace™ is different from being in your emotions. When most say they (or someone) is coming from their heart, they aren’t talking Heart Space or Heart Field they are talking emotions.

When someone encourages you to spend time in HeartSpace™ they are not talking about getting in touch with your feelings, they are talking deeper where feelings and thoughts lose their charge and unknown resources start to show up.

When one thinks they are in their heart and there is an emotional charge or hurt, etc one is in their head space.

Head space is made up of what one thinks and has judged right/wrong, good/bad. The judgment is what causes the emotional brain to feel the strong emotion (located across the upper chest) and is at the bottom of head space, which sits on the top of Heart Space.

HeartSpace™ is a 30 foot torsion field (think doughnut) with a small center column that runs from 2 inches below the belly button up to the middle of the chest.

In head space, where your emotions are, one can get hooked by the emotional charges. Getting hooked is the same as getting stuck in an emotion.

In Heart Space you feel the emotion (you can feel the full complete range from worst to best) and yet it does not hook you or charge you up or move you. The emotion flows through your system and moves on.

The beauty of HeartSpace™ is you respond to situations vs reacting to them. And usually the response is playful, easy and lighthearted.

From head space people react (emotionally) to situations vs responding to them.

To use an example you raised when one is stuck in head space almost every song on the radio reminds you of the same thing and puts you in the same reactive place. When one is in heart space none of the songs on the radio move you to action (to feel good, bad, sad, etc.). From HeartSpace™ the charge that is usually present with strong emotions are no longer there so the strong emotions flow through and you are able to respond from a more fuller and clearer experience of who you are.

To Your Best,
Doc Houston


Ask Doc Anything Sunday Night Tele-conference

When: Sunday Night October 18th, 8pm CST, (9pm EST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST)

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