3 Ideas To Get The Law Of Attraction Working In Your Life

by Houston Vetter - DocResults on June 11,


Trevor Emdon

by Trevor Emdon.

The law of attraction is a neat idea.  You simply think about something you want, make yourself believe it’s going to show up and wait, like a child on Christmas Eve for the goodies to arrive.

There are, sadly, one or two problems with this however.  For one thing, when stuff does show up nobody can really say with any certainty whether it was just a lucky coincidence or not.  The other problem is that when stuff fails to appear it can be disheartening to say the least.  Downright disappointing would be more accurate, not to mention tinged with guilt because you could be forgiven for thinking that you just didn’t believe enough so it must be “your fault.”

It’s time we had a re-think.  Let’s consider two questions and then decide what to do about the answers.

Question 1: Does the law of attraction actually exist?

Question 2: Why do so many people care if it exists?

The second question is really the rub.  There are certain laws of physics that astronomers tell us exist, for example on the issue of black holes, but most of us don’t really care about them.  Black holes are not going to affect most of us.

But the law of attraction does affect us.  If it exists it means we all have the power to be happy, successful and fulfilled.  Each of us has the ability to turn our greatest dreams and heartfelt desires into our reality.  And that’s what we should be telling our kids too.

So, does it exist?  I believe it does, but I can’t prove it to you.  So no matter where we go on that score the best we can hope for is a good debate.

On the other hand, I can show you how you can plant the seeds of happiness, success and personal fulfillment starting right now.  What I’ve found as I’ve done this in my own life is that I’ve attracted – yes, I used that word deliberately – the most incredible “coincidences” and “good luck.”  Whether it’s down to the law of attraction or not, I for one won’t stop using this “magic formula.”

Here’s how you can start immediately to change your luck, and as a result, if you’re consistent, your destiny.

  1.  Use your ability to choose what to focus on to your advantage.  It’s all too easy to watch the news and to decide that the world is an awful place full of bad things and villains.  But the truth is that most things are all right most of the time.  How many babies were born perfectly healthy today?  How many planes took off and landed safely?  How many countries are not at war?  And even during hard times, how many people are doing very nicely, thank you?

It’s not all doom and gloom.  Look at your own life first, notice what’s working and silently, or even out loud, say “thank you.”  Just make a habit of doing those two little things – noticing and thanking and make it your way of being.  Your spirits will lift instantly.  The result of raised spirits is that you feel great and others love being around you.

How many opportunities could open up just because people love having you around?

2. Ask yourself what you can give.  I don’t mean handing out chunks of cash to charities, although that’s a very good thing to do too.  I mean make it your dominant intention to make anyone and everyone you meet throughout your day feel better than they did before you showed up.

A smile, a word of appreciation or a compliment cost nothing and can make someone’s day.  Waitresses, gas station attendants and ticket collectors are amongst the “invisible” people who make our lives easier.  They too have families, illnesses, money worries and bills to pay.  Remember that there are no unimportant people and your life will change when you act on that thought regularly.

3. Trust your intuition more.  The word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek “en theos” meaning the god within.  When something feels exciting it’s because your heart is telling you that’s a path you’re meant to follow.  The next thing that people tend to do is tell themselves it’s too risky.  So ask yourself a simple question: “What if this all goes right?”

Following these three simple principles will bring you new friends and new opportunities almost by default.  They will enrich your life and make your decisions more exciting.

This isn’t a recipe for being irresponsible.  It’s a way of responding to life differently.  The word “responsibility” is really “response-ability” meaning you can choose how to respond.  And what I’ve discovered is that when you choose a different response, life responds to you differently too.

The result is that your life becomes a great adventure and a lot of fun.  Now who doesn’t want more of that?


Trevor Emdon is the British success coach who trained in everything from psychotherapy to metaphysics and one day woke up to realise he was happy and successful.  His biggest disappointment is that far too many people have a “default setting” of worry.  He writes and teaches success, happiness and personal fulfillment programs.  He firmly believes every one of us can achieve all of our dreams – what else would life be for?  His mission statement is “Changing lives for the better forever.”

In addition, he has devised what is possibly the world’s first system for making the law of attraction work, “The WoW Factor” – even if you don’t believe in it.

You can find all about him and his success programs at http://www.wizardofwisdom.com


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Tracy | Designer Communion Dresses June 11, 2012 at 9:30 am

Quite thought provoking. I especially love the part about the ability to choose how to respond. We can all take responsibility for our actions.


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